Lebanon Township Committee                                          Minutes of Regular Meeting

April 19, 2006





Mayor Patricia Schriver called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and stated that in compliance with the “Open Public Meeting Act” this is a Regular Meeting of the Township Committee as published in the Hunterdon Review, the agenda has been posted at the Municipal Building and distributed to the Hunterdon Review, Courier News, the Express Times, the Hunterdon County Democrat and the Star Ledger.




Mayor Schriver asked everyone to stand for the flag salute.




Present  -         Patricia Schriver, George Piazza                       

                        Jay Weeks, Ed Post


Absent -           Russ Monahan


Also Present - Attorney Eric Bernstein and Deputy Clerk Kimberly Jacobus and 7 members of the public.





Motion by Mr. Piazza, seconded by Mr. Post and carried by unanimous roll call vote, the Township Committee approved the April 5, 2006 regular meeting minutes.   


Motion by Mr. Post, seconded by Mr. Piazza and carried by unanimous roll call vote, the Township Committee approved the April 5, 2006 executive session meeting minutes.



MAYORAL PROCLAMATION – Older Americans Month


Mayor Schriver stated that May has been designated as Older Americans Month and was asked by the Hunterdon County Department of Aging if we would approve the following proclamation:



WHEREAS, the month of May is traditionally designated and observed throughout the nation as Older Americans Month; and


WHEREAS, the 2006 theme is, “Independence + Dignity + Choice = Healthy Aging”, in honor of older Americans and their caregivers; and


WHEREAS, the Township of Lebanon recognizes the contributions older Americans and their caregivers have made to our families, our communities, and our nation; and


WHEREAS, older Americans remain active and productive, volunteering their time, talents and expertise, thereby enriching all our lives;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Township Committee of the Township of Lebanon, County of Hunterdon does hereby proclaim the month of May 2006 as Older Americans Month in Lebanon Township; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Lebanon Township Committee calls upon all Hunterdon County communities to honor and celebrate the outstanding contributions of Hunterdon County’s older residents and acknowledge the noble work performed by caregivers.


Motion by Mr. Piazza, seconded by Mr. Post and carried by unanimous roll call vote, the Township

Committee adopted the Older Americans Month Proclamation.





It was found out that an ordinance was not necessary to release funds for the closing on the Special Farms purchase.


Mr. Post stated, that back in 2004, Attorney Bernstein was asked to render an opinion on our participation in the Riback property acquisition.  This is a project that is funded by the State Agricultural Development Board and NJ Water Supply Authority for $1.9 million dollars and the collective funding came up $75,000 short.  The Township was asked to participate in the purchase and a resolution was passed at that time; #101-2004, (attached) regarding the Special Farm purchase.


Mr. Post confirmed with CFO Greg Della Pia that the monies were available.  Mr. Post also asked the CFO for a full accounting of what projects we have earmarked.  Mr. Della Pia will have a listing at the next budget meeting.


 No action needs to be taken at this time.






APPOINTMENT - Housing Administrator


The Clerk spoke to the Mayor regarding naming a Housing Administrator.  The Mayor felt that this was something that could be held off on.


The naming of a housing administrator was tabled.





The Right Light application will be carried until Committeeman Monahan returns from vacation.


The following Blue Light applications were approved:  Donna Ader, Bruce Cunningham, Lawrence Van Pelt, Kathleen Wisbeski, Benjamin Heimall, Joni Note, Diane Gil, and Byron Weightman. 


David Nell’s application was incomplete and was not approved.  Andrea Hutchins and William Groff’s applications were not approved as they are non-residents.


Motion by Mr. Piazza, seconded by Mr. Post and carried by unanimous roll call vote, the Township

Committee approved eight Blue Light applications as listed above.



Mr. Piazza spoke about the Planning Board meeting from the night before.  Planner Mike Bolan stated that the present site of the Road Department is not big enough to put a new building.  He also discussed the park land, the interest in putting the building there and he felt that it could not be done there because of the Highlands.  Mr. Gerlich mentioned when he applied for the permit necessary for the concession stand, with the Highlands, there is a 3% impervious coverage area and it has been met.   


There are a few sites that will be looked at to see if they are appropriate.   


Mr. Piazza also spoke regarding the ROSI list. Planner Bolan feels there is no problem putting the park on the list, knowing that you could never sell any portion of the property as it is designated as park and park only.  The Planning Board agreed and they are going to be passing a resolution.   There will be a small portion that will be carved out and not put on the ROSI.  We are not going to lose any control of the park land. 






Mayor Schriver had a request from a resident for financial assistance for rehabilitation on her home.  The request got to Mayor Schriver in March.  The resident is having trouble finding any agency that could help.  The resident went to the Hunterdon County Housing Corporation and they told her that she would not be eligible because Lebanon Township does not permit its residents to participate in this program and the program is a Small Cities Development Block Grant.  We used to offer low-interest or no-interest loans but no longer do so.  The women had sent literature to Mayor Schriver that came out in the Senior Citizen News regarding information on the Hunterdon County Housing Corporation and the low-interest loan.  Mayor Schriver called Joe Delaney of the HCHC and asked him how the program worked.  It would be under the Small Communities Block Grant, it’s a no interest loan, no cap, however the most they would give out is $15,000 to $20,000.  The applicant would have to comply with the Housing and Urban Development Guidelines.  A person would be sent out to inspect the property.  The money that is borrowed becomes a lien on the house.  They would not have to pay it back until the house is sold.  The kicker is that the Township would have to contribute $10,000 for each case that came up.  Once the house is sold, $6,500 would comeback to us and it would be in a revolving fund to be used for the next person and the balance would goes to the Housing Authority to use for their expenses.  Mr. Post stated that Yardville Bank is administering this. 




Attorney Bernstein suggested that Mayor Schriver talk to Planner Bolan, as we do have a rehab obligation, we also have an affordable housing trust. Mayor Schriver stated that she had spoke to

him last night, and he suggested that we go to them and see what they had to offer.  Mayor Schriver stated that when she spoke to Mr. Delaney about a month ago, he was really talking about COAH

and they charge a $600 fee each time they help you out.  Mayor Schriver’s and Planner Bolan’s understanding is that we do not have any responsibility under the current COAH to give out low-or-no-interest loans.  Attorney Bernstein stated that we do have an obligation from Round #2 for rehab and we believe we do have an obligation for Round #3 for rehab.  We need to have a program in place to have money available for low and moderate housing for rehabilitation in accordance with both the proposed round and definitely from the last round because that is the one thing that COAH has a problem with.  Attorney Bernstein will talk to Planner Bolan.



Mayor Schriver discussed a memo regarding a phone call made to the township office by Mayor Grimes.  Califon Boro is interested in having the Nellie Hoffman Estate property put into preservation.  There is 11 acres of the property that is in the Township. Attorney Bernstein stated, that we could voice in on the application.   If Califon intends to pursue it, we would like to be part of the process, to the extent that we may or may not agree with it.  We need to know more information and we want to be part of the process.  A letter is to be sent to the Mayor telling him that we are taking it under consideration and we need additional information.  Mr. Post will be the contact person.   



Motion by Mr. Piazza, seconded by Mr. Post and carried by unanimous roll call vote, the Township Committee accepted the resignation of Brian Cerf from the Zoning Board of Adjustment.



Mr. Post had correspondence from Hunterdon County Open Space Trust Fund that we contribute to.  Our contribution last year for the current year was $294,000.  In the past we have been eligible to get a percentage back for our own use, the percentage has increased from 10% to 15%.   We need to lay claim to our share of that.  Mr. Post stated that we do want to apply to the County for our share of the money.  





Committee members provided a description of vouchers exceeding $1000.00. 


Motion by Mr. Piazza seconded by Mr. Post and carried by unanimous favorable roll call vote, the Township Committee approved the April 19, 2006 bill list in the amount of $3,430,200.72.





The Hunterdon County Municipal Officers Dinner will be held on May 10, 2006.  Anyone wanting to attend should contact the Clerk by May 1 regarding their reservations.


The Tax Collector submitted her report for the month of March 2006.



There was a letter from the Governor which includes the annual report from the New Jersey Highlands.


The Mayor requested that the Committee read, to comment on at the next meeting, information from the Department of Environmental Protection regarding making Woodglen into a historical designation.  This was discussed at the Planning Board meeting the night before.  Not everybody had the information yet.  There are a few people who do not feel that this is a good thing if it happens.  The Committee is concerned with the impact it would have on the people in the area.  


The New Jersey State Review Board meeting is on June 7, in Trenton.  Hopefully, someone will be able to attend. 


Mr. Piazza asked Attorney Bernstein, if we don’t respond, that this just can come (happen).  They are going to consider the nomination and in the absence of an objection, the chances are that they will proceed with the approval.  If we did object to it, we would need to go on record and you would need to find out how it got to where it is.  Mayor Schriver wants to respond to this at the next meeting.





Motion by Mr. Post seconded by Mr. Piazza and carried by unanimous favorable roll call vote, the Township Committee opened the Public Comment portion of the meeting.


Sandra Rauschenberger, Historians, stated that to her knowledge, basically they had already  designated New Hampton as historic and it would be the same exact thing (for Woodglen).  What she understands is that it just obligates us to preserve the structures, not tear them down to put in new homes or add an addition to it that would be outrageously against the historic structure.  Mr. Piazza stated that he felt that it should have come before the Committee or they should have been aware it.  He feels there is going to be a lot of people against it.  Mayor Schriver stated that if something is to be considered historic, that it be brought to the Committee first. 


Sandra stated that the Nellie Hoffman property is being preserved by the South Branch Watershed, the New Jersey Water Supply Authority and the Borough of Califon. 


William Rauschenberger wanted to express his appreciation for the work that the Committee does.    Mr. Rauschenberger knows that they do not get compliments back very often for the work they do. Sometimes he agrees with what they are doing and sometime he doesn’t but, the time and effort put in is appreciated.  The Committee thanked him.



Motion by Mr. Piazza seconded by Mr. Post and carried by unanimous favorable roll call vote, the Township Committee closed the Public Comment portion of the meeting.







Motion by Mr. Piazza seconded by Mr. Post and carried by unanimous favorable roll call vote, the Township Committee approved Resolution No. 46-2006 and convened in executive session at 7:45 p.m.







BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Township Committee of the Township of Lebanon, that in compliance with N.J.S.A. 10:4-12, this meeting will be closed to the Public to discuss the following matters:


Personnel-Township Treasurer


Motion by Mr. Piazza seconded by Mr. Post and carried by unanimous favorable roll call vote, the Township Committee came out of executive session.  Attorney Bernstein stated that Mr. Weeks was not present, but in the building.  There was a discussion relative to the Treasurer and her request for a seminar, sensibly Mr. Piazza will advise the CFO regarding procedures and the individual will be advised by the Township Clerk that the request is being denied. No further action needed.





Having no further business to come before the Committee, a motion was made by Mr. Post       seconded by Mr. Piazza and carried by unanimous favorable roll call vote to adjourn the meeting at     7:59 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,




Kimberly S. Jacobus

Deputy Municipal Clerk






                                                                        Patricia Schriver, Mayor